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Cold White Fire Art Lessons Club


Cold White Fire Art Lessons Club

Cold White Fire Institute
  • Google Meet Art Lessons with our club
  • Discord Membership
  • We are going to be learning a lot of fun and creative basic artwork that will help you learn the following skills:
  • Pencil Artwork: How to draw with various kinds of pencils, how to properly hold a pencil while drawing for best practice, using kneaded erasures, when to use them, and kits you can purchase online, or from your local retailer.
  • Shading
  • Types of papers
  • Watercolor painting
  • Using Prismacolor pencils and markers
  • Exploring 2 dimensional drawing as well as 3 dimensional drawing on both paper and on digital devices using inexpensive software.
  • and much more...
  • We will be meeting on Saturdays Mountain Standard Time at 1pm - 4pm.
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