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American English for Beginners


American English for Beginners

Cold White Fire Institute

What: Cold White Fire Institute’s ”Ignite Your Flame Within” trains prospective students English in a peer-to-peer setting with a live, native, English speaker three times per week. 

When: We teach English for beginners Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays (for 1 hour)

@ 7pm Mountain Standard Time. Please be on time for live class. 

Where: These will be live courses on our Cold White Fire Community in the Live Events section.

We teach individuals various courses that build upon each other to gain confidence in English to learn vocational skills.

Get started with education with the end job in mind. This program will help an individual have the English skills they need to help them succeed from a native speaker from Utah, United States of America. 

Who: This course is meant for individuals trying to learn English from a native American citizen. 

Disclaimer: This course does not guarantee an individual will learn English unless time, effort, and patience are given to the course. There is a (1) one week trial period to come learn and see if this is a good fit, if not you can get a full refund. You won’t be charged unless you cancel after the (1) one week trial period. Enjoy the journey. See you on the other side. 

All memberships include a 1 week free trial

- Monthly Subscription. - Meet Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 7pm (for 1 hour) Mountain Standard Time. - Learn with other English peers. - Cold White Fire Institute Discord Membership.

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